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Bad Wildungen

Bad Wildungen

Bad Wildungen is a spa town with around 18,500 inhabitants, 13 districts, 18 mineral springs and 21 acute and rehabilitation clinics. The core competence of health is therefore clearly the focus of the city. With the most modern therapy methods in the areas of rehabilitation and follow-up treatment, the focus of work in the clinics is on the patient and his regeneration. In the meantime, however, more and more guests are looking for rest and relaxation from the stressful everyday life and are therefore using the amenities of a spa town. That is why Bad Wildungen is currently one of the largest rehabilitation locations in Germany and generates around 1.5 million overnight stays every year. With its infrastructure, Bad Wildungen offers something special for every guest. You can visit the historic old town with its small alleys, the impressive half-timbered houses and the imposing town church. Or you can stroll along the Brunnenallee with its stately houses and magnificent baroque buildings, such as the Kaiserhof, Quellenhof or the Fürstenhof in the direction of the Wandelhalle. Here you enter Europe’s largest spa park and have the opportunity to hike from Bad Wildungen to Reinhardshausen in a connected park. During your hike through the spa gardens, you will come across a number of Bad Wildunger healing springs. Here you can refresh yourself with fresh spring water. Friedrichstein Castle towers high above the city. From the terrace you have a wonderful view of the old town and the fountain avenue with the spa district. A trip is definitely worth it. For more detailed information, use the link to the website of the town of Bad Wildungen.

National Park Kellerwald

The Kellerwald-Edersee Nature Park is a 406 km2 large and forested nature park in the Hessian low mountain range of Kellerwald around the Edersee reservoir. It includes one of the largest undivided beech forest areas in Germany. Since January 1, 2004, part of the park has been part of the Kellerwald-Edersee National Park, which is even more protected. The 7,688-hectare national park protects an acidic beech forest in the low mountain range and its natural dynamics. It is recognized by the IUCN and is home to a piece of World Heritage. Many people combine a visit to the national park with a holiday in the attractive low mountain range of the Kellerwald. The Edersee presents itself as an Eldorado for anglers, sailors and water sports enthusiasts. Hikers and cyclists can expect top-class tours. As an animal park, the Wild Animal Park makes its contribution to the preservation of native wild animals. Wolves, lynx, bison, red deer and wild cats live here in large enclosures. But the birds of prey air show also attracts many spectators again and again. The animal park is a must for holidaymakers in the region and something very special for children. Two other special features have emerged near the wildlife park in recent years. Firstly, the Edersee climbing park, with a combination of ropes, wood and steel cables in a natural building stock. The height of the installations varies between 1 and 15 meters depending on the level of difficulty. There are a total of 6 courses and 42 stations. On the other hand, the TreeTopWalk was created. The nature trail blends harmoniously into the forest and allows visitors to experience the forest ecosystem up close. It’s a moving experience to experience the forest and nature like this. The TreeTopWalk concept is aimed at families with children, senior citizens and people with physical disabilities. Here nature can be experienced by everyone. Please see the attached link for more information.

Edersee region

In the middle of the nature and national park Kellerwald-Edersee it lies almost picturesquely embedded, the 27 km long and largest reservoir in Europe – the Edersee. This beautiful piece of land is a true paradise for hikers, cyclists, anglers and sailors. The Edersee is surrounded by old beech forests that form the Kellerwald-Edersee National Park and have been included in the UNESCO World Natural Heritage.
Through the jungle or along the Edersee, past bizarre steep slopes, gnarled oaks and magnificent views of the lake or Waldeck Castle, it is a small adventure to hike or ride a bike.
The Kellerwald-Edersee Nature Park is covered with cycle paths like a spider’s web. The Geo-Radroute Ruhr-Eder, the Ederseebahn-Radweg and other circular tours are well signposted. The “must have done” tour is the Edersee cycle path, always along the shore. This route can be varied with the passenger ferries.
From Bad Wildungen you can easily reach the Eder Cycle Path via the well-developed R 5 cycle path via Wega. From here you can ride the extremely idyllic Eder cycle path along the river of the same name to the Edersee or to Fritzlar.